Song For Middletown

from by Honey and the Sting




Song for Middletown is a goodbye to the city and the people who we've met over 4 years at Wesleyan Univerisity. It summarizes the transient experience of a Wesleyan student. We have found home in Middletown and as we search for new homes across the country and the world, we know we will always be welcome.


He was a wide-eyed captain making rounds on boxes of tobacco
She owned a little diner serving sailors cups of Sunday coffee
They lived on river paychecks building makeshift homes along the coastline
Leaving their widows pacing in the window waiting for their letters

Saying find me home
Find me home

I am a student spending the time to feel the tides in the river
Gathering leaves, balconies, and strings in my canopy of colors
I made a beautiful mess on top of a sandbox built from slave bones
But all eggshell towers are made to crumble

And they all came finding hallowed ground here
She said hold on to your quiet river cause the trains will be here soon
And he melted down the anchors after empty cargo turned to boxcars
And she boarded up the diner after Sundays never came

We live through passing engines in a Middletown along the highway
Reading the sailor’s stories from a bookshelf cut off from the river
They used to tie the lines on the moorings and walk across the mainstreet
To find their brothers resting every sunset on Indian Hill

And they will find me home
Find me home

There were echoes of ______
There were ghosts on the _____


from From Source to Sea, released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Honey and the Sting Middletown, Connecticut

Honey and the Sting is a group formed at Wesleyan University in 2012 and currently based in Philadelphia, PA. The groups first LP "From Source to Sea" is a musical journey along the Connecticut River. The group has continued to perform post-college in festivals and house shows. Honey and the Sting is Sam Long, Mel Hsu, Jess Best, Gemma Smith, and Howe Pearson. ... more

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