The song Mercury was made with help from Professor Johan Varekamp at Wesleyan University. The song is about the work he is doing in Wethersfield Cove in Hartford, Connecticut. Using core samples, he found that there is a mercury deposit in the cove. He found that the mercury came from a company called HELCO (Hartford Electric Light Company) that, in the early part of the twentieth century, tried to use a technology that used mercury as the fluid for a steam power plant. The company had to use tons and tons of mercury and there were leaks and possible spills. This song relates the failed and dangerous technology to modern events like the atomic bomb and references to nuclear technology and the Fukushima disaster.


Water will speak in whispered tones
It carves its words with dripping stones
Syllables are bent and slow

toxic noxious chemicals
are trapped beneath the silty cove
for energy and warmer homes

where does it go


Written in mud beneath the lake
they sowed their wealth with their mistakes
innovation laid to waste

split the atom turn to dust
The earth still bears the memory of
the {silver shining} future lost

Was it not enough?


For how long?


from From Source to Sea, released September 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Honey and the Sting Middletown, Connecticut

Honey and the Sting is a group formed at Wesleyan University in 2012 and currently based in Philadelphia, PA. The groups first LP "From Source to Sea" is a musical journey along the Connecticut River. The group has continued to perform post-college in festivals and house shows. Honey and the Sting is Sam Long, Mel Hsu, Jess Best, Gemma Smith, and Howe Pearson. ... more

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